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Whole Herb, Double Extract     Why is this so important? It's because it's the next best thing to eating the herb fresh and undried, and in some cases like Reishi or Chlorella, it's better. Whole herb doesn't mean the whole plant was used. If the extract was made from, for example, Dandelion leaf then “whole herb” refers to the dandelion leaf, not the whole plant. If it was made from Dandelion root then “whole herb” refers to the root. “Whole herb” means that all of the chemistry extracted from the herb has been kept and the ratios of the extracted chemistries have not been changed in the final product. If the extract was made from an herb and then standardized, it's not considered to be “whole herb”. It may still have all the chemistry of the herb but they will have been "adjusted" to enhance the presence of one or two. Standardization changes the ratios of the chemicals in an extract by increasing the amounts of a small number of them, usually one or two, and thereby reducing the amounts of the other chemicals. This causes a significant change from the natural chemical balance that was in the live herb and a dramatic shift in the synergistic effects that they will produce. We evolved on Earth with these plants, and our bodies “learned” how to use the natural plants to keep us healthy. They were not standardized then and for herbal extracts to work naturally with our own body chemistry they should not be standardized now. Whole herb extract means an herbal extract with its natural balance of chemistries as unchanged as possible.

      When I use the words “Double Extract” I mean that an extraction from an herb has been made with alcohol to release the alcohol soluble chemistry, and also an extraction with water to release the water soluble chemistry. This brings out so much more of the herb's chemistry than just making a tincture with alcohol, or just making a tea, infusion, or decoction with water. I started making herbal extracts for my own personal use and I did not skimp or cheat or fudge in any parts of the process of making my extracts. I still make them that way, even though it takes a lot more time. My herbal extracts, compared to mass produced and standardized extracts, are like a meal made from fresh picked and carefully cooked vegitables compared to a meal from a fast food drive-through.

I believe that one of our biggest failures in manufacturing herbal extracts is not getting enough of the herb into daily dosages. I think that most of us have accepted, "because all the labels say things like that", that herbal extracts just like the ones that I make, somehow acquire a magical ability to significantly support health improvement with only “30 drops one to three times a day”. I believe that this is no where near what an adequate dosage for many herbs should be for most people. It should probably be more like 100 drops three to four times a day. I'm trying to make it easier for you to get closer to that without doing any extra processing on the product, and the main thing I'm doing now to make it affordable for you to get larger amounts is putting my products in larger bottles and going to the extra expense of using fresh herbs for the second half of the Double Extract process instead of re-using the herb that was used for the tincture process. This gives a significant boost to the amount of the extracted chemisteries in the infusion.

Naturally a person who is using an herbal extract for the first time should start easy, slow, and careful, making sure that there are no harmful reactions with using that product.



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